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JYJ Family Vietnam - We give you our wings - [Charity Activity Round

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    • [Charity Activity Round 9] The Nursing Center for the elderly and children with disability - Hanoi

      On Sunday, August 24th 2012, members from JYJ Family Vietnam visited the Nursing Center for the elderly and children with disabilities in Thuy An District, Ba Vi, Hanoi.

      Located 60km away from Hanoi center, the Nursing Center for the elderly and children with disabilities is now responsible for and taking care of 298 people, consisting of 150 elders, 125 disabled children and 23 infants. Our first impression when we came here is the peaceful space and the hospitality of the Center’s leaders, doctors, nurses and the elders and children at the Center.

      During the visit, Mr. Phung Cong Loi – Vice Manager of the Center introduced the members to the Center’s foundation, activities, services and facilities. On behalf of JYJFamily Vietnam, HoaBong gave presents to the members of the Nursing Center and wished them all the best.

      After presenting daily necessity gifts to the representative of the Nursing Center for the elderly and children with disabilities in Hanoi, we continued to visit every single room and give presents to each child and elder. We had prepared 300 small gifts, each of that includes milk, cookies and sweets.

      By participating in this activity and seeing the lives of the children, old people in the Nursing Center with our own eyes, we have understood more about the pains and difficulties they have suffered from. We also understand and appreciate all the hard work and efforts of the doctors, nurses and other members of the Center. They are truly silent heroes, who always give the less fortunate whole-hearted, thoughtful assistance and nursing with responsibility and incredible patience.

      HoaBong first visited the Nursing Center for the elderly and children with disabilities in Hanoi 5 years ago. Coming back to the Center this time, she still recognizes some kids who do not grow old but get even smaller because their body keeps shrinking and their skin gets paler.

      A group of students from the National Economics University had taken part in the activity with us. We all had a good time together and dedicated some performances to the children and the elders in the Center.

      Admin The_little_pear introduced and talked with the students from NEU

      This charity activity has left us with many good memories.

      We will always remember how the elderly could not stop sharing stories about their daily life, such as how many people there are in one room, what the eating time is and who is the only one that can ride a bicycle.

      We will always remember the children who always show blooming smile despite their disability. Some are able to react to things around them, eat snacks on their own and know how to shake and wave their hands. Some stay in the iron beds for the whole life, sleep unconsciously and heave a sign whenever they wake up.

      We will remember The Youth Group who can sing, dance, play instrumentals, draw and can even speak a little English.

      In the afternoon on the same day, JYJFamily Vietnam travelled to Dam Long ecological zone. We had combined the charity activity with an offline trip, which was a really meaningful and unforgettable event.

      By: spektor@JYJFamily Vietnam