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JYJ Family Vietnam - We give you our wings - [Charity Activity round 7] Huu Nghi Orphanage - Ha Noi

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  • Happy Birthday Yoochun
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    • [Charity Activity round 7] Huu Nghi Orphanage - Ha Noi

      Dear all members of JYJ Family Vietnam,

      June has brought us so many important events, including the birthday of Park Yoochun – a member of JYJ band – on June 4th, Father’s Day on June 17th, and Family’s Day on June 28th. In order to celebrate these special events, JYJ Family Vietnam organized a charity trip in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City on June 24th, 2012. We gathered together to contribute to the development of our community and, especially, to send a thank-you message to Yoochun’s father in heaven – who brought the world a warm, sparkling star.

      On June 24th – a hot yet exciting summer day, our members of JYJ Family Vietnam and their friends in Hanoi visited the Huu Nghi Orphanage, where children without parents find shelter. There were both old and new members of all ages in this activity, but despite the differences, we laughed, smiled, and passed around embraces for the small children and for each other.

      8 am at Thong Nhat Park, every member had already showed up. After only a few minutes of socializing, everyone was able to put their shyness aside and express enthusiasm and friendliness instead.

      Everybody set off to “the small house in a small lane” – the Huu Nghi Orphanage. It was summer vacation time, therefore there were only about 20 children staying at the orphanage. All of them are nice, well-behaved and sociable. One special thing we noticed was that many of the boys and girls would definitely grow up into very beautiful men and women.

      The preparation took place very smoothly. Everyone eagerly participated in setting up the tables, carrying the gifts, hanging up the banners, preparing candy and making friends with the kids.

      To begin the event, Mrs. Ha – representative of Huu Nghi Orphanage – introduced the history of establishment and the activities of the orphanage, and at the same time thanked the consideration and support that JYJ Family has expressed. On behalf of JYJFamily VN, HoaBong expressed her emotions about this meaningful event, as well as thanked the women – the aunts, the mothers – who have helped create such a loving home for unfortunate children. JYJFamilyVN endearingly presented the lovely gifts to the aunts, mothers and especially the children.

      After the preparation and socialization, the volunteers and the kids took part in the drawing contest competing for prizes. The kids were free to express their creativity as well as their colorful imagination onto the paper. While drawing and painting, everyone conversed excitingly; the kids stopped being shy and instead they opened up and told us the stories and dreams of their lives.

      Time passed by, and here’s our achievement:

      After the drawing activity, the mothers at Huu Nghi and the kids presented us with a traditional song of the orphanage. Everyone clapped their hands in appreciation.

      Although we did prepare lots of games, but due to the limited time of the trip, we have to save them for another time and we promised the kids so. At the end of the event, the representative of JYJFamily VN came up to the stage to present the prizes to the kids. All of them received the awards in blooming smiles.

      On the last note, JYJFamily would like to sincerely thank everyone who have supported and participated in our charity program in both North and South regions of the country during all that time and especially in this event. Your love is such a valuable contribution to JYJFamilyVN and to the growth of our community and our country Vietnam. We hope that in our next events, JYJFamilyVN will keep receiving your consideration and support so that we can connect the world together.

      Especially, this was a report about Huu Nghi Orphanage and JYJfamilyVN charity activity was recorded and broadcasted in "Morning Coffee at the weekend" on VTV3 on 30th June,2012.

      Thank you for joining with us!

      By: spektor@JYJFamilyVN