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  1. [DVD] JYJ 3hree Voices I - JUNSU in Sydney DISC 1
  2. [DVD] JYJ 3hree Voices I - JEJUNG DISC 2
  3. [DVD] JYJ 3HREE VOICES I - Offshot & Digest DISC4
  4. Map box Vietsub JYJ ~ DVD
  5. [DVD] JYJ White Day Fanmeeting in Seoul (all parts updated)
  6. [DVD] 'In Heaven' Special Edition (QR Movies Making Film + Get Out M/V Making updated)
  7. [Special for Kim Junsu's birthday] I Am Music (The Musical Concert DVD cut)
  8. [Special for Kim Junsu's birthday] I Missed You (The Musical Concert DVD cut)
  9. [DVD] Sungkyunkwan Scandal Director's Cut - Yoochun's documentary
  10. [Special for Kim Jaejoong's birthday] For you it's seperation for me it's waiting (Concert DVD cut)
  11. [DVD] The Musical Concert - The last dance
  12. [DVD] The Musical Concert - When I feel like to dance
  13. [DVD] JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul (Updated Link Download Full 5 Discs)
  14. [Special for Park Yuchun's Birthday] DVD - Yuchun Miss Ripley Official Photobook Premium Box Interview
  15. [Special for Park Yuchun's Birthday] SKKS DVD Making Film - Yuchun Part
  16. [Special for Park Yuchun's Birthday] [Kara+Vietsub] My Girlfriend - Yuchun [JYJ Thanksgiving in Dome DVD Cut]
  17. [DVD] JYJ Come On Over [JaeChunSu Disc Updated ]
  18. [DVD] JYJ Premiere Collection MAHALO
  19. [Special for New Year 2013][DVD] Kim Junsu - MUSICAL CONCERT DISC 2 - MAKING FILM
  20. [Happy 1000 Days Anniversary][DVD] THE JYJ MAGAZINE - The Story of 1000 Days